Monday, 9 May 2011

New Ideas

I decided to leave my camera at home today and scribble my ideas and thoughts in my sketch book!


Anonymous said...


I bought a screen print of yours called 'Keep it simple' from the Red Door gallery in Edinburgh last summer. I absolutely love it, it's my favourite thing, but I've only just found your website!
I love your work, I think it's wonderful.
Sorry, I realise this comment isn't relevant to the post, but just I wanted to let you know!

All the best,

(Also, I have to ask, are you at all Dutch? It's the surname, I'm half Dutch you see and a bit nosey!)

Kay van-Bellen said...

Many thanks for your comments Rebecca.
Its so lovely to hear who buys my work, Im pleased you like your screen print!

I am a quarter Dutch yes!

Keep watching my blog, more new work is on the way.
Best Kay